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We want to offer a platform for all genres of creative work and establish a launchpad for talent. We aim to change the creative industry by offering opportunities for artists online through our community.

The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.

Jerzy Kosiński - Novelist

Our Vision

To build a community for all creative people to share and learn from whilst showcasing their talent to the world.

Our Mission

To give every creative a space to express their art and creativity and connect them to a community and clients who appreciate their work


Rocket Funn Network

​When you join the artist community you unlock several career opportunities making the world your stage. <br> Reinvent your art career by networking and interacting with many talented artists.



We feature creative talent from a multitude of artforms. Making us the largest community of artists from varied disciplines and countries online. Find out our top picks for the 10 Best places to showcase and sell your art online.



We love it when people come together to discuss ideas and collaborate in a shared space. You can easily create projects and invite members to contribute to your ideas. Read our 3 Simple steps to help you start your creative project.



With a growing number of companies and brands looking to hire creative talent, our job listings ensure to cover several career opportunities for you to explore. If you have a passion for art, discover the Top Trending Art Careers in 2019.


We curate the best courses available for artists online and offline. For every stage of our learner community be it beginner, intermediate or advance you can find opportunities to learn and grow. Check out our Top 10 Art Courses for 2019


Whether you wish to be inspired, get professional advice and mentorship or simply learn from their craft you can easily reach out on our community. Read about The Game Changers within the Art Industry in the Middle East



We believe it is important for the art community to build and sustain a support network that will pave the way forward for the future of the art industry. Read the Success stories from the #Rocketfunn artist community

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